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Learn to Create a Thoughtform - Chi Ball

Before you begin to create thoughtsforms, you should complete all of the Mind-Training Exercises and work with Energy Awareness Exercises

This is one way of practicing Remote Hypnosis also known as Remote Influence. There are many others. You can go here to get hypnosis recordings that will guide you through another form of remote hypnosis.

You can begin by rubbing your palms just the way you do when they feel cold and you want to warm them up. When you feel the warmth, the heat building up in your palms, slowly separate your hands and move them closer together, but without touching, and then further apart and closer together, until you feel a slight resistance between your palms. That is your energy field and that's what will form a building block for your thoughtforms.

A "thoughtform" is a thought to which you are giving a form - with your energy, with your life-force. Just as your body needs energy to live, a thoughtform does too and you can feed your thoughtform with your own life-force or you can feed it with the universal life-force - the latter will be the topic of the next newsletter. This happens even if you are not using this particular method to create thoughtforms, even if you're just thinking about something - in which case you give life to your thoughts and ideas through your emotions.

If this still sounds odd to you - I'll remind you again that everything in the universe is made out of intelligent life-force or if you like that the intelligent energy permeates the universe and that your thoughts and emotions are directing it and giving it particular qualities.

Even though this process occurs automatically every time when you think, and you may not be consciously aware of it in a course of your day, the purpose of this particular exercise is to help to make you conscious and aware as well as to help you feel the energy and notice how your focused thoughts are affecting it.

In the middle of each of your palms is an energy center (chakra), and the more you play with energy with your hands the more you can feel it opening, like a valve, and the more energy you can feel flowing through your palms. You can project energy through any part of your body, but for our purposes here, I'll just focus upon the palms. In other parts of this website, you'll learn how to project the energy through your eyes, or just direct your focused thought mentally, using your imagination.

holding a ball of light

You can play with pure, unqualified energy or you can qualify it with your thoughts and emotions. The "unqualified energy" is pure Light out of which everything visible is created. The term "qualify" is used to designate the quality, attribute, purpose you'd like the energy you are projecting to accomplish.

The pure energy is the universal substance in which we live and move and have our beings. It may not feel any more "substantial" than the air that we breathe - however, it is through breathing that we absorb the most essential energy into our beings and it is through breathing that you can absorb the energy you'll use for your thoughtforms.

You can qualify the energy you desire to project with anything you'd like to experience - thoughts and feelings of abundance would qualify the energy as "abundance energy", thoughts and feelings of healing would qualify the energy as "healing energy", thoughts and feelings of irresistible personal magnetism or sexual magnetism would qualify the energy as "personally magnetic" or "sexually magnetic", and so on.

Once you are aware of the energy flow between your hands, relax and imagine more of energy flowing between your palms and forming into a ball. In Western systems, this ball is called a "thoughtform", while in Eastern systems it is sometimes called a "chi ball" or "ki ball". "Chi" is a Chinese term for energy, and "ki" is Japanese. You can generate energy simply by taking a breath and then while exhaling imagine it flowing into the ball your are building.

You can imagine energy flowing through your hands, and you may also exhale it directly trough your nose or mouth - in which case you may also feel as if it were stretching like a chewing gum or an elastic from your nose or mouth to your hands.

As you fill your ball with energy, it will begin to pulse with energy and will feel alive - and it is "alive" because you just fed it with life-force. In a way, it is your "child" - it is your own creation into which you breathed life. Didn't I tell you that you are so very powerful?

Now you can impress upon it what you'd like it to accomplish for you. For your initial experiments you may use a thoughtform to get a friend to phone you or visit you. I often used it for this purpose, before the era of cell-phones, when I desired a friend who was on the road to call me - since I was readily reachable and he needed to get to the phone-booth. It worked beautifully.

You can send a love message or a sexually enticing thoughtform to your lover (this is just one way of practicing remote seduction - there are many other ways). If you're old enough you can learn more about other methods here.

You can send a healing thoughtform to someone who is in need of healing - by impressing upon your thoughtform an idea of that person enjoying perfect health. You can use it to draw abundance and prosperity into your life. And, by the way this is the same method you'd use for creating money out of thin air, which by now I suppose you realize is permeated with energy. However, I recommend you begin your experiments with things that you consider more readily achievable for you.

You may also determine how long you'd want it to last - or live, at which point you may either want to absorb the energy back into yourself or return it back to the universal substance. Thoughtforms which are left unattended may have a tendency to take on a life-path on their own and since you are their creator, they'll come back to your to feed upon your energy - so it's a good idea to give them specific directions, lest they begin to act like unruly children.

Another wonderful thing about creating thoughtforms is that you get a direct experience of "letting go" which is very important in all hypnosis work, but often when people engage in self-hypnosis they don't know how to do that. To accomplish this purpose in hypnosis, Dr. Erickson had a tendency of creating instant amnesia for the hypnotic work done, for the sake of preventing conscious mind from interfering with the work that now belongs entirely to one's unconscious (subconscious or superconscious, whichever term you prefer). When working with thoughtforms, all you need to do is send the ball you created merrily on its way. You may imagine it floating in a desired direction, or toss it like a ball to where you want it to go.

If you've played with creating treasure maps which I described in one of the previous newsletters, you can now charge them with energy, and give them life, by placing your hands above your treasure map and directing energy into it, as if you were creating a thoughtform. This method may be particularly helpful if you find it challenging to visualize or have difficulty maintaining focus or concentration. The image on your treasure map provides the image to focus upon, while the energy you'll feel flowing through your hands will help you to maintain your focus. You may do this for 10 - 15 minutes a day, or you may have an intuitive knowing of when you've charged it with enough energy. Sometimes it feels as a sort of inner click or it may feel as if the energy just stopped flowing.

The term "remote hypnosis" simply refers to the influence you exert without any means that we would describe as "physical" - no words, no physical contact - the whole transmission of suggestions and influence occurs via transmission of energy. The term "remote hypnosis" equally applies should you choose to use the energy you are projecting to heal your own body, to influence the person sitting in the same room with you, or someone who is on the other side of the planet. As well as people, you may influence plants, animals, things, circumstances, etc.

One way all of us use "remote hypnosis" even unconsciously in our daily lives is when we expect someone to act in some way, when we expect certain situation to turn out certain way. It is true that our expectations will also affect our own behavior which will influence the response we get from others, but in any interaction with others, the energy we project silently will affect others at least as much, if not more than what we demonstrate through our words and actions. If the two are in conflict, than the energy "messages" we get from others, or others get from us, what we feel at a "gut" level (more about this in the next newsletter), will take precedence.

If you desire to experiment with "pure" experiences of "remote hypnosis" and find out what it does without the possibility of any "physical intervention" you may choose to work on people, things and circumstances with whom or with which you will not have any physical contact at least until you are able to verify the effect of your "remote influence".

When you work with energy and with remote hypnosis, maintaining silence about what you're doing, at least until you get the desired results, may dramatically increase the speed and effectiveness of your remote hypnosis efforts. Here are just few reasons for this.

When you work on something with energy, building up the energy, you are in effect creating a pressure and by choosing to project that energy into the manifestation of your chosen goal, you are creating one single focused energetic pathway for this energy to travel. The pressure and the one-pointed direction makes it work like a laser beam. When you talk with other people about the project you are working on with energy, you are creating energy leakages, you are dissipating the energy and it will take that much longer for what you're working on to take effect.

If you are new to working with energy, telling someone what you intend to accomplish, may create a "performance anxiety", a tension that will block the energy flow. Other people's beliefs and expectations may also influence your results. You may want to share what you're doing with others if they are working with you on a project.

Group energy can be useful, though generally in my own experience, I have found that working on my own and keeping silent about my "remote hypnosis" projects has worked the best for me. Sometimes, for teaching purposes, I may share some of my experiences, after I've produced the desired results, while at other times and especially if I desire to do something more in the same area, I'll just keep it to myself and remain silent until I get the desired results.

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