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Master Mentalism



Magic and Mental Tricks (Mentalism) - Illusions and Fun Experiments
to Impress Your Friends and Learn Something New

The experiments on this page are not so much about the development of true mind power, but rather about the mental illusions and mental magick tricks. Most of them do not involve the development of real mind power (and if you care to develop real mind power - you should check out the pages that deal with mind training and mind control.

Magic tricks take much less time to learn and master than the development of genuine mind power, yet even if you are only interested in performing sleight of hand instead of sleight of mouth and learning how to distract your audience with your manual dexterity, you may still need to spend a little time practicing. Some magic tricks and mind games you can play with others you can master within few minutes or hours, while others may take quite a bit of time in order to do them exquisitely well.

Egg Through the Bottle Experiment

Blister Magic Illusion Effect

The Static Electricity Dollar Bill Magic Illusion Effect

HIdden Coin Magic Illusion Effect


How To Do Magic
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