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Welcome to Hypnosis for Kids - School for Wizards!

On this website you will find interesting information about hypnosis, mind power, mind control, magic, mind games, mind tricks and genuine wizardry. You will learn how to become truly powerful.

If you invest some time every day to practice what you will learn on these pages, you will become more powerful than most hypnotists around, and you will have a chance to learn what they never learned because this stuff is not taught in any hypnosis school in the west - at least not yet.

If you practice what you learn here, even if you are just a kid, you will become more powerful than 99% of grown-ups. You will learn how to use your mind in a way that is not taught in ordinary schools. You will learn how to create genuine magic.

When you feel totally powerful, you will feel totally safe and when you feel totally safe, you will know that all true power is born out of love, so you will use your power wisely - for your own good and for the good of everyone else.

The exercises and practices you will learn will be lots of fun. You will learn a lot from your own mind experiments and mind games- much more than you can learn from any book or from any other person. And every time you do one of the experiments, if you really pay attention, you'll notice that something very interesting happened.

All the power you will ever need in your life to accomplish absolutely anything you desire and even more glorious things that you ever even imagined possible - is already within you. That's right. You already have within you all that you will ever need to become totally amazing.

The great wizard is alive and well within you even now as you read this and this great wizard so very much desires to show you something fascinating about you and about your world - something that you can learn only by bringing it outside, from within you.

The purpose of the information and the practical exercises in mind control you will find here is to help you bring the true wonder that you already are - out in the open for everyone to see and enjoy - so that all of us can live in a better world because you had the courage to honor this great wizard within you and bring him out to share his blessings with the entire world.

I will tell you a secret - the great wizard is alive and well inside of every human being, but most human beings have become so blinded by what is outside of them, that they never noticed the great wizard within. Some have only seen his toes and think they've seen it all. It is up to you know to shake the dust of the wizard that dwells within you and bring him out in all of his majestic glory. You'll be mightily glad that you did. And you'll wonder how could you have ever lived without knowing about him and how could those grown-ups go through life without even noticing that he is there.

You will learn here how to find this wizard, how to recognize him and how to let him to the magic through you. Did I say magic? You will learn here way more than what people think of when they hear the word magic. You will learn what true mind control is all about.

Yes, you will learn here the magic of using your mind power - not just to program your mind like most hypnotists do, or to get people to do what you'd want them to do with magic words, words of power, with hypnotic language, but you will learn how to play with the energy, with life force and most importantly you will learn how to access Infinite Love, Power and Wisdom from within you.

You will learn the secrets of true wizards - no, no just like what you learn in your ordinary school by reading and memorizing what others did or discovered - but, you will become explorer of Infinite boundless Life through your own personal experience.

Did I go too far too fast already? Oh, you will also learn how to learn whatever you need to learn - even for that ordinary school - easily and effortlessly. That's right. You'll learn some mental magic tricks that make all that learning much more fun and takes much less effort. Instead of spending hours reading and re-reading material that bores you to tears while your mind is wondering in how many different ways can you have some fun - now - you'll learn how to absorb all the information you need fast and have fun at the same time. You'll learn how to have fun all the time - whatever it is that you need to do. And you'll never ever be bored in your life or with your life.

If you need to have more friends, you'll learn how to have as many friends as you'd like to have in your life. And if sometimes you'd just like to be left alone for a while, you'll learn even how to be invisible, if you like. This can come in handy for those days at school where you'd much prefer if your teacher didn't notice you.

If you feel tired, you can learn how to become energized. If you feel sick, you can learn how to heal yourself. You can also help to heal all those you deeply love and care for. You will learn how to feel infinite power and how to use it for the good of all.

If you have problem focusing and concentrating, you will learn how to focus and concentrate exquisitely well and have great fun doing it.

And you know, if you'd ever like to travel around and see the world - speaking different languages can come in very handy. The least you'd want to do is find your way around and communicate your needs easily. That's what language is for. So, yes, you will learn how to learn to speak foreign languages easily and enjoy many different and interesting cultures from all over the world.

And speaking about the language - you will learn how to use languge in a magical way - no, not necessarily to throw spells (although you can do that, too), but rather to use it in a way that you don't have to yell and scream and feel frustrated because someone doesn't understand what you want or is unwilling to meet your needs. You will learn how to communicate your needs in a way that you are heard and understood and other people are willing to help you out.

And did you know that you can communicate in many different ways, not only through language, but with your mind, telepathically and not only with people, but with animals, plants and even different things and learn from them how they can be of service to you and how you can be of service to them and perhaps you can learn how to get them to do what you'd like them to do - for mutual benefit - now.

To the everlasting glory of the great wizard within you - may you learn and do whatever it takes to bring him out for the benefit of the entire world!

And as you learn of the greatness that lives within you, may you teach the same to those who cross your path!

Come back here often to learn how to express infinite love, power and wisdom and then share what you have learned so that you may inspire others!

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