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Frequenty Asked Questions about
Grow Taller With Hypnosis Program

What does it take to get results with this program?

To get the best results with Grow Taller hyposis program you have to have a worldview which includes the belief that you can grow taller. If you don't have such belief and are merely hoping that you can increase in height or even worse don't believe that it is possible for you, but would just like to try it - you are unlikely to experience the results. If this is your state of mind, I suggest you first go through grow taller tips and recommendations, and invest some time in mind-training and energy awareness exercises, until you get the understanding of why and how you can grow taller and until you have achieved some success creating changes using your mind power in other areas of your life.

On account of beliefs, just repeating "I can grow taler" or wishing and hoping you can, won't do you much good. Understanding of the principles that make height increase possible, backed with your own personal experience (reference points) related to these principles will work.

The program guides you thoroughly through all that you need to know and it will help you to adopt the appropriate worldview and beliefs if you are willing to accept them.

How long does it take to see the results?

People who embark on this program with the right attitude and beliefs, get visible results in a month or two. For others it takes longer. Again, until you adopt the correct worldview, you are not likely to see the results. Sometimes, people who were stuck with the program experienced visible results as soon as they adopted the correct worldview because they gave themselves permission to increase in height.

Your subconscious mind does not work by "objective" time - it always works from the perspective of "eternal now". And, while if you are in the right state of mind for height increase (essentially in a state of mind in which you aligned with Infinite Love, Power and Wisdom), you could experience even instant results - on the average, from the emails I have received people increase in height about an inch in a month or in two months.

From the emails I have received so far, the person who achieved the heighest height increase working with Deep Trance Now Grow Taller Program - increased 5 inches in 10 months. Another one increased 4 inches in 4 months (he was doing stretching exercises together with using self-hypnosis). The rest have reported increase of 2 - 3 inches in six months and a lot of people were not motivated sufficiently to stick with the program for entire year, which is recommended.

I have elsewhere mentioned a story of Dr. Milton Erickson who has helped a young man in his 20-s to increase in height 12 inches in the span of one year. This young man had stunted growth to begin with and hypnosis helped him to grow to a height that would be considered "normal".

Does it matter how old you are or wheter your growth plates have become fused?

It doesn't matter how old you are to get the results with this program, but your beliefs about your ability to increase in height and your worldview are of paramount importance. If you begin with a worldview that your body is made out of flesh and blood and that once your growth plates have been fused you can't grow any more - you'll get nowhere with this program. On the other hand, if you adopt the (quantum physics or spiritual) worldview that your body is made out of energy, that energy follows thoughts and that you are constantly influencing changes in your body with your thoughts, then you can get successful results with this program.

Most people who have worked with this program and who have obtained successful results had their growth plates fused and have stopped growing for three or more years. They were told by "medical experts" that they should abandon all hope or possibility of growing taller, but they grew in spite of dire predictions because they were determined and they had unshakeable faith that it is possible for them to grow and that the infinite intelligence and power in their bodies that created and grew their bodies in the first place knew how to and was able to grow their bodies taller.

In general, people who are more deeply connected with this Infinite Loving Power and Intelligence which is greater than they are, people who are spiritually inclined - will get better and faster results, simply because they have already developed a line of communication and trust with this power and intelligence that knows how to and can grow their bodies. For others, it takes some time to adjust to this different way of looking at the world and getting more intimately acquainted with the magnificent resources that reside within each human being.

Will you grow proportionately?

Yes, you will simply continue to grow in the same way you grew in the first place. All that you are doing here is re-activating the same process you have already experienced in your life.

Are the results permanent?

Yes, the results as as permanent as if you continued growing naturally. Few people who have emailed me have experienced fluctuations in height increase (greater than those which everyone normally experiences throughout the day) in a first month or two, until the new height has stabilized.

For accurate measurement of your success, you should measure yourself two days in a row, in the morning and in the evening, laying down and standing up and get the average height.

Do you have to take special nutrients?

If you have normal nutrition, you don't have to take any special nutrients. There are some nutrients which may help you - particularly amino acids which stimulate the release of growth hormones and accelerate tissue growth, as well as calcium and vitamin C, which assist in bone formation.

Do you have to do stretching exercises?

You don't have to do stretching exercises - however, they have helped some people to a certain extent.

Should you get this program if you are skeptical?

No - you shouldn't. Hypnosis works with your belief system (it doesn't matter whether it's hypnosis for height increase or for anything else). Having doubts and anxiety will block any success from the very start, because when you doubt something and keep on entertaining the thoughts that something is not possible for you to achieve, you are, in effect, impressing upon your subconscious mind the desire that is contrary to what you say you'd like to achieve. If height increase represents a threat to your belief system, then your subconscious, ever mindful of protecting you and helping you to feel safe and secure, will prevent you from experiencing height increase.

To save yourself time and money, if you are skeptical, you should begin with the basics - train your mind and pick some books that are easy to read about quantum physics, energy medicine and qigong, laws of the mind, and spirituality (e.g. A Course in Miracles), until you set the fertile soil in your mind to work with height increase later on.

How much time a day should you dedicate to this program?

You should at least listen to one recording a day (about 30 min) - and invest another 15 - 30 min in mind-training exercises.

If you have more time available, you can listen to more recordings, however it is not about how much "time" you spend in listening to the recordings, but rather the quality of your sessions. For best results, you need to develop the ability to vividly experience the results you desire to get, as if they were real for you now - while listening to hypnosis recordings. You program your subconscious mind by experiencing as subjectively (in your mind and emotions) real that which you desire to become objectively (apparent and visible to anyone) real.

Can you grow taller on your own without using this program?

Yes, you can. The magical power is not in the program, but in your mind and in the Infinite Loving Power and Intelligence that has created your body in the first place.

The program teaches you how to connect and communicate with this Infinite Loving Power and Intelligence within you, how to use your mind correctly to increase in height and it guides you through a number of techniques that will greatly accelerate your progress.

Will this program make you more vain?

Contrary to just buying new clothes, or going to a hair-dresser or putting on make-up or cologne, this program goes way beyond a sheer image make-over. The skills that you will learn and master - in order to increase in height with self-hypnosis are not only transferable to other areas in your life, but they will open a whole new vista of possibilities, breaking through your personal limitations and opening doors to greater success and achievements in your life - not just because of your height, but because you will learn how to use your mind to create anything you desire to experience in your life. If you work with this program consistently for one year - you will be thoroughly transformed inside and out. And the most important part of your success will be that you will know with certainty that you can accomplish anything you set your mind upon.

What information is covered in Bonus Reports?

  • Effective Self-Hypnosis Techniques for Height Increase

  • Application of Universal Laws to Height Increase
  • Mind Training / Esoteric Techniques for Height Increase
  • Transmutation of Sexual Energy
  • Using Sexual Energy for Height Increase
  • Generating Universal Energy for Height Increase
  • Energized Breathing for Height Increase
  • Concentration and Visualization Exercises
  • Clearing Emotional/Mental and Energy Obstacles
  • NLP Techniques for Height Increase
  • Nutrition For Growth
  • Sleep and How It Affects Your Growth
  • Posture that May Increase Your Height Instantly
  • Physical Exercises for Growth
  • Acupressure/Reflexology Techniques for Growth

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