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Modified Dave Elman Hypnosis Induction

Before you begin the induction, make sure that you have cleared any misconceptions about hypnosis with the person you intend to hypnotize, that the person is free of any fears and concerns related to hypnosis and is comfortable and ready to be hypnotized.

Ask the person to fix his eyes either on a spot on the wall slightly above his eye level, or on your hand (you should hold your hand slightly above the person's eye level), on a ring on your hand if you have one; and yes traditional swinging of the watch, or gazing into a crystal ball all work for the purpose of fixating person's attention to one spot. Since there is no further visual stimulation on the outside, the person's attention will tend to drift inwards. Having a person gaze at an object or a spot above eye-level will lead to the tiredness of the eyes and the person will find a relief in closing his eyes.

Ask the person to take three deep breaths and to hold each breath for a few moments. Deep breathing leads to relaxation.

When doing (direct) hypnosis, it is recommended that you announce each thing you intend to do before you do it, in order not to startle the person.

Let the person know that in a moment you will lower your hand, or an object, and as you do, his eyes will close. If you hold your hand or an object long enough above the person's eye level, the person will be more than happy to close them and will readily comply, even gratefully.

Pretty much like when you're closing a tight fist for a while and then let go your hand naturally relaxes, when you give permission to the person to close his eyes, after he experienced some strain holding them upright and fixed, his eyes will naturally begin to relax.

Here you will use this opportunity to deepen this sense of relaxation in his eyes, by suggesting that his eyes are becoming so completely relaxed that he may not even be able to open them. And the more he tries to open them, the more tightly closed, they will remain.

Whenever the person is doing something in hypnosis that you desire to reinforce, you can add one of the following feedback phrases "That's right", "Good", "Great", "Excellent".

You can pace your suggestions with the person's behavior, by giving all of your relaxing suggestion - even, "Relax", and "That's right", when he is exhaling, since on exhalation, the person experiences greater sense of relaxation.

You will find your hypnosis sessions and inductions to be much more successful if you incorporate few suggestibility tests along the way. Suggestibility tests simply give the opportunity to the person to engage fully his imagination. When you are hypnotizing someone, you are in effect simply playing with the person's imagination, or rather you are guiding the person's imagination.

One such very simple suggestibility test consists of suggesting that the person won't be able to open his eyes. Of course, he can open them if he really wants to, but by pretending that he can't, he has chosen to give precedence to his subjective reality, to the world of his imagination and has thereby entered the magical world of hypnosis.

As the person experiences a sense of relaxation in his eyes, suggest that this same sense of relaxation will spread all over his body and that with each breath he will feel more and more comfortable, more and more relaxed and that he will very much enjoy going deeper and deeper because the deeper he goes the greater pleasure he gets to experience.

You can deepen the depth of trance significantly by bringing the person slightly out of trance and then letting him drop into a trance all over again, a little bit deeper each time. The effect of this is as if the person has had several hypnosis training sessions, instead of only one. The way to do this is by suggesting to the person several times to open and close his eyes and that each time he closes his eyes he will drop into even deeper state of relaxation, twice as deep, or ten times as deep, or hundred times deeper than ever before.

Now that the person has relaxed physically as much as possible, you can help the person to relax mentally by emptying his mind of all thoughts. Dave Elman suggests counting numbers backwards - from 100 down, as far as it takes until the person is not aware of any more numbers. You can also suggest that all the thoughts in person's mind are simply dissolving into nothingness and that he will be totally safe at all times, feeling even better as all thoughts leave his mind and he fully opens his mind to receive your suggestions.

(You can find the pure form of Dave Elman induction in the book "Hypnotherapy" by Dave Elman")

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